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October 18, 2021 //

Comparative Religion //

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The Role of Theology and Religion in the Community and Their Benefits with Rev. Dr. David G. Latimore

What makes the church such a fantastic platform for community change? Due to their importance and presence in the community,…Read More

October 11, 2021 //

Comparative Religion //

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Medieval Islamic Law and the Lessons we can Learn as it Applies to the World Today with Ahmad Atif Ahmad

What can be gained about studying ancient Islamic Law? Through the many controversies we face, taking the still-relevant lessons can…Read More

October 6, 2021 //

Comparative Religion //

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Intelligent Design and the Shortcomings of Darwin and the Original Theory of Evolution with Robert Shedinger

Was Darwin wrong all along? While not proven, new theories of evolution may help researchers complete the picture of genesis…Read More

September 17, 2021 //

Comparative Religion //

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Critical Issues of Islamic Studies and Examining the Fascinating Writings of Omar ibn Said with Carl Ernst

What made the writing of Omar ibn Said so special? Through his autobiography, generations to come can find a glimpse…Read More

September 1, 2021 //

Comparative Religion //

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A Reconnoiter of Religion Past, Present, and Future with Professor John Corrigan

“I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.” You’ve probably heard someone say this, or maybe you’ve said it yourself. But what…Read More

August 26, 2021 //

Comparative Religion //

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On the Diversity of Religion with Jay Wesley Richards

Religion is multi-layered, and within those layers are even more layers. Even within the same church, family, or your own…Read More

Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann Shares Insights on Language Revival

August 10, 2021 //

Historical And Current Anthropology //

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Professor Ghilad Zuckermann Shares Insights On Language Revival

Language is an essential part of society and identity. Although languages have been lost throughout history, globalization has contributed to…Read More

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