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In today’s episode, we explore the aftermath of tragic events and the pivotal role of cleanup with Thomas Licker, President of the American Bio Recovery Association. He shares his journey into this unique and often overlooked field.

Despite its challenges, Licker has found fulfillment in helping families navigate the aftermath of loss, sparing them from further distress by having to be involved in the cleanup process. From his early days addressing national priority sites to responding to hazardous incidents, Licker’s passion for this work has only grown stronger.

Tune in as he shares insights into this profoundly meaningful profession.

You’ll learn:

  • Protocols for safeguarding workers from hazards during remediation
  • Anecdotes highlighting Licker’s firsthand encounters
  • Insights into Licker’s discovery of this specialized field and his transformative journey within it

Press play to hear the full conversation and visit American Bio Recovery Association for more information.

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