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Explore a fascinating conversation at the intriguing crossroads of medicine and art with Dr. Michael Marmor, MD, Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology at Stanford Medicine and author of The Artistic Eye.

You’ll explore:

  • The intricate process of how humans interpret and perceive colors
  • What Dr. Marmor means by “we begin to think about what we see in our eye”
  • The difference between visual perception and the nature of the information transmitted to the brain
  • Remarkable implications for art and artists stemming from the complexity of vision, including the intriguing fact that while the eye boasts 126 million photoreceptors, only 1 million nerve fibers connect to the brain via the optic nerve.
  • How cataract progresses over time and its profound impact on the artwork of Monet

Join us for an enlightening exploration of the intricacies of vision and its eye-opening intersections with the world of art.

Tune in for more, and check out Dr. Marmor’s book, The Artistic Eye.

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