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Explore whether the COVID-19 situation could have been managed more effectively in the US with Swedish biostatistician and former Harvard University professor of medicine Martin Kulldorff.

Delve into this critical and eye-opening discussion to discover:

  • The data highlighting COVID-19 as a disease affecting almost exclusively elderly adults and how this data should have informed our approach to the situation
  • Potential links between pharmaceutical funding and the media’s handling of the COVID-19 situation, including issues of online censorship
  • The difference between approaches taken by Sweden and the US in managing COVID-19
  • The findings of two randomized trials on the efficacy of cloth and surgical masks in reducing transmission of COVID-19
  • Design flaws in COVID-19 vaccine trials, the resulting misconceptions, and adverse side effects of the vaccine (e.g., myocarditis)

Tune in to broaden your understanding of this complex issue.

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