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Meet Stephanie Moyal, the innovative co-founder behind Troop Nutrition, a pioneering company specializing in functional mushrooms known for their myriad health benefits.

Stephanie’s journey into the world of functional mushrooms was transformative. Upon discovering these powerful fungi, she was captivated by their potential to revolutionize health and wellness, uncovering a hidden realm of nature that few were discussing.

Together with her cousin, Jake Mellman, Stephanie embarked on a mission to harness the incredible benefits of mushrooms. Their passion for mushrooms intensified with lion’s mane cultivation as they delved deeper into their remarkable properties. Experimenting with mushroom gummies and sharing them with friends and family yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback, leading them to embark on a new venture: Troop Nutrition was born.

Join us as we delve into Stephanie and Jake’s journey, uncovering:

  • The secret behind Troop Nutrition’s exceptionally potent mushroom products, setting them apart from others on the market
  • Insights into the different parts of mushrooms and where to find the most bioavailable compounds
  • A deep dive into cordyceps mushrooms, known for their unique properties (including their ability to improve sexual wellness)
  • The evolving landscape of the mushroom industry and what’s to come

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