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Tobias Schulze joins us today to discuss his work as a clinical psychologist and mental health expert. As the Director of Talking Cure Mental Health Services, he specializes in complex trauma and personality disorders – with a specific interest in narcissistic presentations and self-worth regulation.

Tobias has a deep passion for helping people manage complex psychological issues, recurrent mental health problems, and failed prior treatments. Taking a holistic approach to his practice, he aims to treat the deeper layers and core causes of mental illness in order to achieve sustainable outcomes. 

From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Schema Therapy, Tobias works from a modern psychodynamic perspective to fulfill one central goal: treating his clients as human beings

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Ideas Tobias had to unlearn when he started working in psychology. 
  • The value of “trying out” new things in therapy.
  • Where the intersection of trauma and personality lies. 
  • The two elements of personality disorders. 

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