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What would you do if everyone around you insisted that significant parts of your life were mere illusions, urging you to seek help while you adamantly believed otherwise?

Such a scenario often leads to refusal of treatment, profound confusion, and a sense of isolation. This phenomenon has a name: anosognosia. It’s a symptom that affects individuals with certain neurological conditions and around 50% of people with schizophrenia.

Today, we’re joined by two esteemed guests: Dr. Xavier Amador, clinical psychologist and Founder of LEAP INSTITUTE, and Janet Hays, Founder and Director of Healing Minds NOLA. Together, they delve into their experiences working with individuals grappling with schizophrenia and share information about schizophrenia in general, including risk factors, prevalence, and potential new treatments on the horizon.

Tune in as we explore:

  • Effective communication strategies for friends and family members dealing with a loved one who likely has schizophrenia but remains unaware (Dr. Amador shares a deeply personal story on this topic)
  • The systemic barriers hindering access to schizophrenia treatment, resulting in worsened, potentially irreversible deterioration (and what we need to do about it!)
  • Key risk factors for the development of schizophrenia during fetal development and early childhood
  • Distinguishing between drug-induced psychosis and psychosis stemming from schizophrenia and the challenges in making this differentiation
  • Understanding the mechanism and potential of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as an alternative treatment for schizophrenia

Don’t miss this crucial episode as we delve into vital insights that can transform our understanding of and approach to schizophrenia.

If you need help getting your loved one into treatment, check out Dr. Amador‘s book, I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! How to Help Someone Accept Treatment.

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