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When introduced to a new game, the first questions we ask are, “What are the rules?” and “How do you win?”

But what about the game of life? There’s no rulebook, and no clear answer for how to “win” or what that even means.

Press play to explore ideas like:

  • Why people tend to follow the same trend of school, work, and retirement at age 65, and how to truly optimize the experience of life
  • Whether it’s the act of dying that people fear, or not having lived the life they wanted to live
  • How the patterns developed and learned in childhood shape the way many people live the rest of their lives
  • The connection between recognition and productivity in the workplace
  • How to learn from every other creature on the planet

Why are you here in this life, and how can you win at it?

John Strelecky found it curious that throughout his entire education, not one person asked him that question. So, he asked himself that question. Finding the answer would mean leaving behind a successful career in his early thirties and backpacking the world to explore other cultures, ways of living, and the diversity of awe-inspiring animals across the globe.

This incredible experience compelled him to write The Café on the Edge of the World, a now #1 bestselling book. It’s the result of a 21-day stream-of-consciousness writing adventure, during which Strelecky says “It felt like the words were coming from somewhere else through me onto the pages.”

When the first editor who read it said, “This little book has changed my life,” Strelecky knew he was on the right path.

Tune in to hear this fascinating and thought-provoking conversation … and maybe change your life as a result.

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