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Our society has specific expectations of men. In order to know where these expectations come from, it is important to look deeper into the conditioning that exists in young boys so that we can bring up a new generation of strong, emotionally intelligent men. 

In this episode, we are joined by Joseph Warren. Joseph is the voice behind the top-rated podcasts “Your First $100K” and “Broken Catholic”. He is also the author of the book “Your First $100K”, which is a guide for those who want both time and financial freedom. Among his most prominent work, he consults entrepreneurial Christian men with seven- and eight-figure incomes by helping them build a healthy relationship between their success and their family lives. 

Listen now as Joseph discusses things like:

  • Why men exhibit anger and stress in a family setting.
  • How anger can be a powerful force in business, but is often misdirected. 
  • How our relationships with our fathers influence our perspective on God

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