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“Emotion has no place in investing if you want to be a pro … it is what will break you as an investor or trader; it gets you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time,” says Gareth Soloway. This is something every aspiring professional trader will have to learn at some point, especially in the beginning when the learning curve is steep.

Today, Soloway has over two decades of professional trading experience, he’s created proprietary tactics, and is the President and CFO of

Press play to learn:

  • What role emotion plays in investing and trading, how it can get in the way of success, and how to avoid it
  • How social media and other factors affect analyses
  • Why and how crypto is like an emotional “13-year-old”
  • The current state of the market and how to act wisely within it

Soloway shares his personal journey to success, the strategies he uses on a daily basis, and how to avoid major pitfalls.

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