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Can we find answers to today’s problems by looking back at the teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith? By reflecting on the past, we may be able to begin healing the future.

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  • The questions to ask of Christianity going forward
  • What makes a truly successful activist
  • How the question “who are you?” can give insight

Dr. Walter Fluker, a member of the faculty of theology at Boston University, shares his message on how examining the life and teachings of Jesus can help us navigate the world today.

Many of us tend to think of the teachings of Christianity and Jesus in the context of the time in which they were taught. However, by viewing them abstractly and applying them to the challenges we and the world face today, we may be surprised how applicable they can be today.

From civil rights to political unrest, there may seem like there are too many issues to even begin fixing. But through hope and the teachings of the gospel, there may be solutions to even the most complex problems if we look beyond initial reactions.

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