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How does religion affect society? It’s an intriguing question. 

No matter what your religious status may be, it is undeniable that religion has played a large role in the formation of modern civilization. The closer we look at different religious origins, the more context we can get about the inherent societal structures that are in place around us today. 

Dr. Yair Lior is a professor of Religious Studies at Boston University’s Department of Religion, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Religious Studies in 2015. Given his immense interest in religion and culture, Dr. Lior continues to study and teach the interconnectivity between social anthropology and religion. Today, he shares his findings with us in this intriguing podcast.  

Listen now to hear Dr. Lior discuss:

  • How scientific methods can be used to compare religions.
  • An evolutionary approach to religious studies.
  • How analytically studying theology and religion may change your spiritual outlook.

On top of all this, hear about what resources Dr. Lior suggests for you to learn more about this subject. 

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