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In a world where it seems like there is constantly a battle between good and evil, it can be hard to find light in the darkness. As difficult as it is, there are people out there determined to make a difference and bring positive change into the world.

Kevin Sorbo is one of these people. As an actor, producer, and director, he has been a part of movies like “God’s Not Dead” and “Let There Be Light”, faith-based films surrounding a positive message and Christian ethics, bringing evidence of true faith to the film industry. Along with these films, he has been a creative force behind many educational documentaries and family-based movies that emphasize the importance of shining a light on the difference between good and evil.

Listen now to hear Kevin Sorbo discuss:

  • The importance of leading by example.
  • How being a part of faith-based movies has affected him, and how it has strengthened his faith overall. 
  • How Hollywood interacts with religion, and why it pushes negative ideology in its content.

In addition to these exciting topics, hear about how he’s staying busy with new films that will be available in the near future.

To find out more about Kevin Sorbo and his work, go to and follow him on Twitter @ksorbs.