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As stress and anxiety are on the rise, we are seeing a decline in health and wellness. This begs the question: if our nervous systems aren’t functioning optimally, are we experiencing life to its fullest potential?

Craig Goldberg is a Vibroacoustic Therapist that is on a mission to produce positive changes in health using science, technology, and knowledge. He joins us today to discuss his work with inHarmony – and address the astounding benefits of sound therapy…

In this episode, we address:

  • The many benefits that sound therapy can offer.
  • The impact that stress and anxiety have on the nervous system. 
  • The importance of investing time and energy into relaxation and mindfulness techniques. 
  • The advantages of bringing the body into “harmonic resonance”. 

How have Craig’s contributions to inHarmony helped people achieve an elevated level of wellness? Tune in now to see for yourself!

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