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Mental illness is a complex subject that scientists are discovering answers to every day. So how are conditions like schizophrenia being identified and treated in this modern world? Morris D. Bell Ph.D.ABPP joins the podcast to enlighten us on this – and subjects related to other mental disorders…

Dr. Bell is a Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scientist in Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. He is also a Senior Research Career Scientist for the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Service. 

Drawing from his extensive background in clinical and neuropsychology, Dr. Bell focuses his research on restoring cognitive and work function for people who struggle with severe and persistent mental disorders.

In this episode, you will find out:

  • How a mental status exam can indicate certain illnesses.
  • The difference between positive and negative mental symptoms.
  • The different dysfunctions associated with schizophrenia.
  • What an “acquired brain injury” is, and how they can develop.

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