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We all have ambitions and aspirations, but sometimes getting there can feel like an insurmountable journey that we don’t know how to start. 

Payal Kadakia, founder of ClassPass, and author of LifePass: Drop Your Limits is an entrepreneur that focuses her attention on coaching other people on how to bring their goals to fruition. Growing up in New Jersey as the daughter of Indian immigrants, Payal Kadakia found her passion in dancing as a means to bring her closer to her identity as an Indian-American woman. It also informed her passion for fitness awareness and reaching fitness goals. 

In this episode, she discusses:

  • The importance of the goal-setting process
  • How looking inward can make your goals a reality
  • How to set goals for things that truly fulfill us

If you feel overwhelmed by your priorities and goals, this podcast will show you ways to overcome these feelings. Additionally, it will show you how sticking on the path to your ambitions can be so rewarding.

Tune in now for encouragement from a truly inspiring individual!

Get a copy of Payal Kadakia’s new book here, and go to to find out more about her other endeavors.