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Are camels more than just cargo carriers and zoo exhibits? They may be much more complex creatures than given credit for with incredible physical capacities and good-natured demeanors. Press play to find answers to these questions:

  • What sets wild camels apart
  • How China has helped and hurt camel conservation
  • The benefits of camels as opposed to horses

John Hare, an explorer, conservationist, and author, shares his unique experience working with camels both in the field and in conservation efforts.

While many of us only think of camels as the humped animal that bites and spits if annoyed, they are much more faceted if spent enough time around. With tremendous capacity for endurance and intelligence, they can make the ideal companion for treks in the desert or other demanding jobs.

However, while some species are hardy enough even to consume saltwater, this does not prevent the toll humans have taken. From shrinking habitats to nuclear testing, camels have felt the ripples of human effect for many generations.

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