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On this podcast, we are joined by David Berlinski, who is a widely published author and academic mind. He is here to talk about his most recent literary work, Human Nature, as well as his other books that discuss topics such as the scientific method and mathematics. With an extensive background in academics, David Berlinski has used this knowledge to fuel his writing ventures in a strikingly sophisticated way. 

In this episode, we analyze: 

  • How the philosophy of mathematics transcends our knowable universe.
  • What it means to characterize our limitations as humans. 
  • If there is such a thing as human nature, and if can we define it.
  • The importance of making intellectual discourse accessible to a wide audience. 

Examining the world from such a distinct point of view is what enhances human consciousness as we know it. Coming from the mind of an individual that is able to sum these topics up in such an eloquent way is truly a marvel to witness.

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