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With all of the information available about our health online, we are constantly exposed to conflicting facts. Because of this, many medical experts are dedicated to seeking the truth and educating people with accurate information.

Dr. John Poothullil is one of these experts pioneering the road to widely available medical accuracy. Dr. Poothullil is the author of Your Health Is at Risk: How to Navigate Information Chaos to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases and other various health-related publications. With an extensive background in medicine, Dr. Poothullil is committed to educating people on how to holistically maintain a healthy lifestyle with accurate information. 

Listen now to hear Dr. Poothullil discuss:

  • What your body is actually telling you when you feel hungry.
  • How treating diabetes with insulin is misunderstood within the medical community.
  • How sugars and grains affect individuals with diabetes.
  • Effective advice on how to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Tune in now to hear scientific insight from a well-researched perspective!

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