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Joining us once again is Greg Glaser, a health freedom lawyer in California who is dedicated to the preservation of constitutional rights, especially in the wake of COVID vaccination issues. 

Today, Greg Glaser discusses the topic of vaccination skepticism as well as the “Nice Act”, which is a federal bill that he helped write which seeks to prevent mandatory vaccinations across the country for all vaccines. This bill is aimed to defend his mission of supporting America’s health freedom rights in the vaccination sphere. Glaser believes if this bill passes, it could wipe out mandatory vaccinations overnight. 

Tune in now to learn more about:

  • How the vaccination program as a whole has caused untold damage to the public.
  • The difference of health in vaccinated vs unvaccinated people.
  • How censorship is being used to control the vaccination narrative. 
  • How mainstream media influence is fading away as their credibility crumbles.

It seems that as new vaccine data continues to be exposed, the public may be developing a renewed sense of healthy skepticism. Perhaps as people wake up, the corruption that has been buried by money will be exposed.

Learn about the importance of vaccination autonomy in this enlightening discussion with Greg Glaser. 

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