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No matter what your religious beliefs may be, there’s no question that you’ve at least considered the great mystery that surrounds us. This is an ancient and deeply complex field of thought that requires patience and thoughtful consideration.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Jim Kanaris, Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at McGill University. Given his extensive knowledge in religious and philosophical studies, Jim Kanaris is passionate about the way we ask these big questions, and how objectivity is a large component of asking them responsibly.

In this episode, we take on questions like:

  • How can science help inform religions’ big questions?
  • How do we approach such a complex subject objectively?
  • How does my own background influence my religious worldview?

Whether you are completely new to the subject of religious epistemology, or an avid researcher, this conversation is sure to pique your interest.

Listen as Jim Kanaris takes on the major questions of religion and philosophy, and shares his future plans for his next book.

Find out more about his work on Twitter @jimkanaris and on WordPress at