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Fossils can tell an incredible story about our Earth’s distant past. In this conversation, we dig into these geological remnants to uncover the mysteries behind the Genesis Flood. Can fossils provide sufficient evidence to support the creationist perspective? Paul Garner, a full-time researcher and lecturer for Biblical Creation Trust, sits down to weigh in…

Paul has an MSc in Geoscience from University College London, where he studied palaeobiology. He has written over 50 creationist papers and is the author of The New Creationism and Fossils and the Flood. With years of research experience under his belt, Paul has explored many corners of our Earth’s geological history. Listen in now to learn more about his findings!

Join the discussion to find out:

  • What fossils records are, and the things they reveal about ancient Earth.
  • How creationists and evolutionists explain the formation of ancient rock layers. 
  • What made it into the fossil record during the Genesis Flood. 
  • How the marine environment differs from the pre-flood to post-flood world. 

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