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Holistic medicine is on the rise, and experts like Dr. Bill McGraw are at the forefront of cutting-edge treatment opportunities. But what about invasive diseases like cancer? Could alternative medicine be the answer? Dr. McGraw thinks so, and he joins us once again to explain why…

Dr. McGraw is a research scientist who heals people from chronic diseases using heavy metal removal techniques. He is also the author of many books on this subject, including Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease, Glyphosate: Guide for Detox, and Aluminum Detox: An Easy Solution.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • Types of metals that help the body and hurt it. 
  • Common sources of heavy metals in our environment. 
  • How Rife Technology impacts the human body. 
  • Organs that toxins tend to accumulate in.

Could heavy metal detoxification be the treatment we’ve been seeking to eradicate cancer cells effectively? Listen now to make up your own mind!

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