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We’re supposed to trust the medical system with our lives, and during the 2020 pandemic, this trust was put to the test. Since COVID, countless medical professionals have come forward to expose the chilling details of government-mandated medical negligence. What were the results? Ken McCarthy sits down to enlighten us…

Ken is a returning guest with a knack for exposing large-scale corruption. He is an activist, educator, entrepreneur, and Internet commercialization pioneer. He is also the author of Fauci’s First Fraud, 78 Days of Terror, and Unraveling the CoVid Con. In his most recent book, What the Nurses Saw, he provides a comprehensive account of the failed COVID protocols – and the dictatorial control of the medical system during the pandemic.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • How the pandemic exposed systemic problems in the medical system.
  • Who What the Nurses Saw is for. 
  • The dangerous side effects of Remdesivir.

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