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Can differing viewpoints and philosophies on life be brought together to bring a deeper understanding of the world? Rather than keeping schools of thought separate from each other, true understanding relies on asking questions of differing beliefs. Press play to learn:

  • Why answering religious questions with math and science makes sense
  • What scripture can offer about the future
  • How differing religions can lead to similar philosophies

John Lennox, a Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University (emeritus), shares his views regarding Christian apologetics and offers conjecture of what the future may hold in reference to Christianity.

Life is about asking questions to build one’s points of reference to carry going forward in life. Sadly, many individuals tend to silo religion, math, and science, leaving many questions on the table when collaboration could lead to unique answers.

Regardless of disagreements between schools of thought and philosophies of religions, looking down on those who may initially disagree only leads to dead ends of debate. Rather than contention, discussing disagreements and learning from one another while accepting differing beliefs can lead to tremendous spiritual growth.

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