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Despite differing religious views, can Hinduism and the Muslim faith find more common ground than expected? With shared shrine spaces, cooperation and collaboration os more common than some may think. Listen up to learn:

  • What has made relations between religions tense recently
  • The first legal steps being taken in India to exclude Muslims
  • A possible solution for the religious conflict

Anand V. Taneja, an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, shares his research into the roots of religious relations in South Asia and how differing viewpoints can be brought together to avoid conflict.

The conflict between the Muslim faith and Hinduism has been building since time immemorial, but it has recently approached a fever pitch. However, a greater capacity to accommodate the difference in groups can be found with a complete understanding. 

Though the conflict between religions has been steadily growing over hundreds of years, the issue is being exacerbated by the increasing integration of living spaces and immigration. To prevent a violent conflict in the future, the “sibling rivalry” must be quashed, and a greater sense of empathy must be embraced. 

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