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What makes the church such a fantastic platform for community change? Due to their importance and presence in the community, churches offer a platform and forum to listen to the community and advocate for a solution. Listen up to learn:

  • What it means to be a good church leader
  • How the church helps solve community issues
  • Why the church promotes agency among its congregation

Rev. Dr. David G. Latimore shares his experience working in the community through church outreach and aid.

Though many people may view the church a simply a place for worship, it often means so much more for the community in which it is located. Through community outreach and giving a voice for the potentially downtrodden, issues that may typically go unnoticed can be lifted to the forefront.

By promoting good within the community, it not only helps the community, but those who work to help also find a degree of autonomy and empowerment. Through the promotion of wellbeing in others, the church also continues to benefit through outreach and increased trust from the community.

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