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What if your work didn’t confine you to a particular physical place? How would you take advantage of your newfound freedom?

As remote jobs are on the rise, the opportunities for location-independent employment are better than ever. The hardest part is just knowing where to start…

In this episode, we chat with Kristin Wilson, the host of Badass Digital Nomads Podcast. In her show, Kristen offers insightful guidance to her listeners on how to ditch their traditional jobs and pursue location-independent employment instead.

Click play to learn more about:

  • How moving to a different country can shift your perspective on life.
  • The importance of connecting with different people and cultures around the world.
  • How the new remote job economy can support nomadic lifestyles.

What does nomadic living mean to you? By joining the conversation, you may come away with a new approach to this question!

To find out more about Kristin and her work with Badass Digital Nomads Podcast click here!

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