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Elliott Neff’s path to becoming a national chess master began with casual Sunday afternoon chess matches with his dad. At eight years old, he competed in his first chess tournament; at 12, he committed to the goal of becoming a champion, and three years later he achieved that goal.

Tune in for a unique conversation about Neff’s journey and explore:

  • The importance of attitude, mindset, and mental preparation on the outcome of a chess game
  • Chess and music: an interesting comparison
  • How many unique possibilities there are in the first three and four turns in a chess game
  • Distractions are everywhere these days: how do you motivate young kids to maintain their focus on learning chess?
  • What it takes to become a chess master

Neff is a professional chess coach with the highest level of certification, author of A Pawn’s Journey: Transforming Lives One Move at a Time, and founder/CEO of Chess4Life, a platform that teaches kids critical thinking, problem solving skills, and emotional intelligence through chess.

He discusses his journey to becoming a chess master and what it’s like to teach kids the game, sharing surprising insights and strategies along the way, and even doing a quick demonstration that’s sure to impress.

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