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Here to discuss the rationality of belief in God is Max Baker-Hytch, a lecturer and speaker at the University of Oxford. Max specializes in both Epistemology and Philosophy of Religion, giving him unique insight into the world of spirituality.

Max is on a mission to uncover intellectual reasons to believe in Christianity, and in this episode, he outlines what he has found with his meticulous research of this topic.

Join us now to discover:

  • Max’s background, and what led him to pursue this study area.
  • Philosophical arguments for theism.
  • What divine hiddenness is, and why can be difficult to address.
  • The two avenues to pursue when seeking answers to God-centered questions.

Spirituality is dependent on faith and metaphysical thought – but what happens when we apply intellect to it? Find out now by jumping into this fascinating philosophical conversation!

You can learn more about Max Baker-Hytch by clicking here.

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