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How do we capture and elevate what’s working well in education and revise or eliminate what isn’t?

This is the question at the core of Jon Eckert’s work as a vital member of the Department of Educational Leadership and the Center for School Leadership at Baylor University.

Press play to explore:

  • The acronym FEW – what it means to foster feedback, engagement, and well-being in schools
  • The benefits of bringing individual perspectives together in the classroom environment
  • Whether work-life “balance” should be reframed as work-life “integration” (and why it matters to so many people)
  • Feedback from student surveys that reflect the impact of educational leadership training

Eckert works with students in masters and doctoral programs who want to move into the educational leadership space and teams of current educators who want to become administrators. He shares the details of what this work involves, including the structure and ideology behind his program, the use of digital improvement tools, and how to achieve and maintain high levels of engagement from every student.

Tune in, find more information at Baylor Center for School Leadership | Baylor University, and pre-order Eckert’s book, Just Teaching: Feedback, Engagement, and Well-Being for Each Student.

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