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What drives human joy and pain? What does it really mean to live a fulfilled life?

The answers are different for all of us, but Isaac Smith believes we share at least one crucial thing: a need for human connection.

As a psychotherapist at a collaborative mental health practice called Whole Wellness Therapy, Smith weaves this belief into every aspect of his work.

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  • Trauma with a big “T” vs. little “t” – what’s the difference and why it matters
  • How certain mental health issues in teens might serve as the “canaries in the coal mine” for problems within the family
  • How drugs/alcohol simultaneously become our best friends and enemies, and why therapists must fully understand this relationship to help

Whole Wellness Therapy is located in the Sacramento, CA, area and provides in-person and remote counseling.

Press play to learn more about these incredibly important topics and visit Whole Wellness Therapy + Counseling | Sacramento, CA.

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