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When Eric Recker was growing up, he was bullied, never picked for kickball during recess, and told he wasn’t good enough. After hearing this over and over, he started to believe it. But rather than collapse into that belief, he made a pact with himself: from that day forward, he would be so good at everything he did that he would never not be chosen again.

Before long, Recker found that this was too high a goal. He had set himself up for failure. In his attempt to always be “picked,” he ended up completely burnt out on life, which manifested itself in heart palpitations, panic attacks, and an overall lack of joy.

It was time for him to reassess his life.

He’s now a successful dentist, author, and founder of #WINtheNOW, through which he teaches leaders how to achieve more and “win the now.”

Tune in to explore:

  • Common ways our modern lives pull us out of the “now,” drain us of valuable energy, and suck the joy out of our everyday lives
  • How Recker breaks his days into 15-minute “now” moments
  • How to gradually get better at living in the present moment (it’s not necessary to change your mindset all at once)
  • Why you should be careful with the way you relate to and use the word “should” in your life

So many of us are stuck in the past or future, causing us to continually miss out on the “right now.” But maybe the magic really does happen in the “now” moments.

What are the “now” moments in your life? How can you win them and learn from the inevitable losses?

Tune in to hear the full conversation.

Visit Eric Recker – ERIC RECKER to discover more, and check out his books:

That Dam Analogy! How to Fill Up, Stay Up, and Impact the World Following a Few Simple Steps

The False Sense of Urgency and How To #WINtheNOW.

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