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From childhood challenges with reading to navigating high school honors classes while feeling perpetually behind, Laura Ward Woelfel’s story resonates with anyone who has faced learning difficulties. Despite undergoing numerous tests that suggested mild dyslexia or ADHD, it wasn’t until encountering a roommate with Irlen syndrome that Laura connected the dots.

As a certified Irlen diagnostician and licensed professional counselor, Woelfel uses her experience, insight, and passion to help others with learning disabilities using integrative counseling and cognitive behavior methods.

Tune in to discover:

  • Common signs and symptoms of Irlen syndrome
  • Insights into diagnosis and treatment methods
  • Understanding the causes and mechanisms behind Irlen syndrome
  • The wide-ranging impact of Irlen syndrome on individuals

Don’t miss this engaging discussion as Laura sheds light on this often misunderstood condition, offering hope and valuable insights for those affected by Irlen syndrome and their loved ones.

Learn more about Woelfel at Central Texas Therapy Clinic : Meet Laura Ward Woelfel EdD LPC-S.

Take a self-test here: Home Page – Irlen.

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