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Fear is a scary topic, especially considering how it can permeate our society. How do people’s fears dictate their worldview? Is there data out there that can tell us more about this under-explored subject? In this episode, we dive into the science of fear with Dr. Christopher D. Bader, a sociologist with decades of experience in his field…

Dr. Bader is a Professor of Sociology at Chapman University and an affiliate of the Institute for Religion, Economics, and Society (IRES). He is the author of two books, America’s Four Gods and Paranormal America – and has published various articles and chapters in sociology, deviance, criminology, sociology of religion, and education.

Dr. Bader has studied paranormal beliefs for over twenty years, ranging from UFOs and ghosts to bigfoot. What do these phenomena have to do with people’s relationships to fear? Jump in now to see for yourself!

In this conversation, we cover:

  • The role that survey data plays in the preservation of religious history. 
  • The power of fear and the effects it has on society. 
  • The most prominent fears that Americans have according to surveys. 
  • Why fear should be studied better. 

You can learn more about Dr. Bader here!

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