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The Apostle Paul was among the most influential and noteworthy figures in the Bible. Not only was his conversion to Christianity nothing short of a miracle, but he is also the author of a whopping thirteen books of the Bible – together called the Pauline epistles. Joining us to discuss this fascinating subject is Bob Walters, a returning guest who radiates a passion for Christianity and its teachings. 

Bob is a writer who has a weekly blog called Common Christianity. He has extensive experience in journalism and public relations, and has spent the past ten years involved in church-oriented volunteer enterprises. His refreshing approach to the Bible has captured the hearts of many, and this conversation is yet another example of his hunger for education and Christian theology… 

Dive in now to explore:

  • How the prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled in the New Testament.
  • The two great commandments that Jesus made, and why they’re so important.  
  • Who N.T. Wright is, and the role he plays in modern Christian teachings.
  • What makes Paul such a significant Biblical figure. 

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