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Slow Dancing with the Devil: A Son’s Substance Use Disorder, A Mother’s Anguish is a stirring account of a mother’s journey alongside her son through the depths of substance abuse. From his initial dependency on narcotics, stemming from multiple prescriptions of oxycodone, to surviving a harrowing 1% chance of survival after a near-fatal car crash in 2010, their story is one of resilience in the face of unimaginable odds.

Today, the author and mother, Susan Bartz Herrick, joins us.

Over the years, her son endured a litany of medical challenges, including multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, and intestinal blockages, all while grappling with the ongoing necessity of narcotics for pain management. Yet, amidst the medical turmoil, Susan uncovered a stark reality: the medical community’s lack of understanding in treating individuals with narcotic dependencies, particularly concerning anesthesia for surgery.

Compounded by stringent regulations limiting access to crucial medications like suboxone, their journey sheds light on the systemic barriers individuals face in accessing comprehensive addiction treatment. Herrick shares insight into the enduring nature of substance use disorder, challenging prevailing notions of a “cure” and confronting the pervasive stigma that surrounds those afflicted.

Tune in to uncover:

  • Why there’s no such thing as becoming totally “cured” from substance use disorder
  • The cultural image of people with substance use disorders and how stigma affects the people who are afflicted by substance use disorder
  • The 1200% increase in overdose deaths in the past 24 years – why is this happening, and why aren’t we talking about it more?
  • The process of how one becomes addicted to a substance and undergoes tremendously painful withdrawals
  • The treatment of addiction in US culture compared to other medical conditions like heart disease
  • The role of sugar, diet, and exercise in recovering from substance abuse and addiction

Take advantage of this moving conversation. Press play now, and join Herrick’s efforts by reading her book Slow Dancing with the Devil: A Son’s Substance Use Disorder, A Mother’s Anguish.

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