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Jonathan Peake, a senior research fellow at The University of Queensland and a dedicated athlete with a PhD in exercise physiology, delves into the intersection of exercise, the immune system, and stress. Having focused on exercise recovery strategies over the past 5+ years, particularly cold water immersion, Peake explores its benefits for athletes and the intricacies involved.

Tune in to uncover:

  • How researchers and practitioners determine the optimal temperature for post-exercise recovery
  • The primary objectives of cold water immersion for athletes: reducing swelling, alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness, and mitigating inflammation
  • The potential for cold water immersion to induce relaxation by influencing the parasympathetic nervous system
  • The pitfalls of pre-workout cold water immersion and the ideal waiting period post-exercise

Eager to delve deeper? Tune in to discover more and check out QUT – Academic profiles – Dr Jonathan Peake.

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