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Vegetable oils are a common choice for cooking in homes worldwide, but are they actually good for us? According to Cate Shanahan, MD, years of research and experience suggest otherwise. In this episode, she sits down to discuss the detrimental effects of vegetable oils and how we can achieve recovery and rejuvenation once and for all…

Dr. Cate is a Cornell-trained biochemist turned family physician on a mission to help others reframe their understanding of health and wellness. Her work has inspired remarkable movements, including bone broth, live-culture ferments (especially kombucha), and seed oil-free business empires. 

In her latest book, Dark Calories: How Vegetable Oils Destroy Our Health and How We Can Get It Back, Dr. Cate shows readers how certain oils cause cellular damage that underlies virtually all chronic disease – and in response, provides a clear, no-nonsense plan that aligns with our genetic needs and nature’s laws. 

Click play to uncover:

  • How certain oils can change how your metabolism and brain functions.
  • The importance of “root-cause” thinking when it comes to holistic wellness.
  • How Dr. Cate used chemistry to reframe her understanding of vegetable oils.

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