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Have you ever felt dismissed by a doctor, your symptoms brushed off as merely psychological?

You’re not alone—this unsettling experience affects a significant portion of individuals seeking medical care–up to 40%. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind this phenomenon known as psychophysiological disorder (PPD), where stress manifests as genuine physical symptoms akin to organ diseases or structural damage.

We welcome back Dr. David D. Clarke, a distinguished expert on PPD with over 40 years of experience treating more than 7,000 patients. Dr. Clarke also sheds light on the opioid crisis, its origins, and crucial strategies for tapering off opioids safely.

Tune in to discover:

  • The enduring impact of childhood adversity on physical pain
  • Groundbreaking advancements in pain relief psychology for treating PPD
  • The transition from acute injury to chronic pain and its implications for opioid dependence
  • Insights into the staggering toll of opioid-related deaths

Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion, which explores the intersection of mind and body and offers hope and understanding for those grappling with pain and illness.

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