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Join us as we delve into the unique and insightful world of Jacob Kendall, the founder of Kendall Enterprises. With a lifetime of navigating his own complex medical care due to a congenital heart disorder diagnosed at age three and two open-heart surgeries to date, Jacob brings a deeply personal perspective on being a patient within the U.S. medical and healthcare system.

Frustrated by the system’s shortcomings, particularly its lack of interdisciplinary care, Jacob is a passionate advocate for change. He believes we are four-dimensional beings living in a society that demands we operate in one dimension. The four-dimensional space lies within reach, and with it comes transformative benefits.

With degrees in biology, social work, public health, gerontology, and more, Jacob operates in a highly interdisciplinary space, promoting and fostering four-dimensional thinking.

Tune in to discover:

  • The common misconception about universal healthcare and why it’s based on illusory thinking
  • The benefits of applying ecological theories and models to the social sciences
  • How theological perspectives can impact the healthcare access problem
  • The crucial metaphysical questions and conversations that arise at the end of life and the importance of equipping healthcare, hospice, and palliative care professionals to handle them
  • The pitfalls of relying too heavily on medical perspectives of health while neglecting other  viewpoints

Don’t miss this compelling exploration of healthcare through the lens of four-dimensional thinking.

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