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Join us on this enlightening episode with Shannon Race, co-founder of, a company that develops powders designed to enhance microbiome health. Since middle school, Shannon has faced GI issues, navigating a world with a limited understanding of the link between the gut microbiome and GI problems. Her journey led her to realize the profound impact of diet on gut health, a discovery that became the cornerstone of her mission.

Her transformational experience with the Whole30 diet in 2016, which emphasizes eliminating inflammatory foods, marked a significant turning point. Shannon never felt better during this period, reinforcing her belief in nurturing the gut with healthy, wholesome foods.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The initial strategies Shannon employed to start healing her gut and cultivate a healthy microbiome
  • The critical role of fiber in our diets and gut microbiome health, and how common and easy it is to become deficient in it
  • Practical tips for integrating a fiber supplement into your diet
  • The inspiration behind and the innovative products they offer to support gut health

Tune in to gain valuable insights into how you can take control of your gut health today.

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