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What can the Bible tell us about the past? How does it intersect with the complexities of science? The historical significance of the Bible is undeniable, and in this episode, we sit down with Thomas Purifoy, Jr. once again to discuss the fascinating evidence that it provides for the creation story…

Thomas is a filmmaker and an educator who has produced, written, and directed numerous projects – including Is Genesis History?, Samaritan, and The Widow and Judge. In addition to this, he creates educational materials for churches and families in an effort to advance the Kingdom of God. 

Are you ready to uncover a historical paradigm shift that may drastically change your understanding of science and faith? Click play now!

In this episode, we go over:

  • The ways in which science and history intersect and tell stories about the past. 
  • The importance of looking at the Bible as a book of history.
  • Conventional vs Biblical geological views.
  • Details about Thomas’s latest film, Is Genesis History? Mountains After the Flood

You can uncover more on Thomas Purifoy and his work by clicking here.

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