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The Bible was written thousands of years ago, and being familiar with its cultural context is important to understanding its overall message. Given the significance of Greek philosophy at the time, how was Christianity impacted by its cultural significance? Bob Walters, a writer with a deep passion for Biblical history, joins us to explain… 

Bob has been involved in church-oriented volunteer enterprises for the better part of a decade – spending his time writing, editing, serving, and teaching others in the Christian community. He has a blog titled Common Christianity, an online resource that provides readers with weekly insight on a vast array of Biblical topics.

Tune in now to hear us discuss:

  • How Greek philosophers shaped the historical perception of faith.
  • What the intertestamental period can tell us about Biblical history. 
  • The ways that Greek culture changed and impacted other regions throughout the centuries.

You can find a link to Bob’s blog, Common Christianity, here!

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