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Join us for a fascinating episode with Carol S. Henger, an alumnus of Fordham University’s Biological Science Ph.D. Program and an expert in wildlife ecology. Carol has an extensive background in studying the behavior of coyotes through her collaboration with the Gotham Coyote Project in New York City. As a former postdoctoral fellow in the molecular lab at the Wildlife Conservation Society, she used molecular techniques to aid the conservation of endangered species.

Now an educator, Carol is passionate about introducing the intricate world of DNA and genetics to her students.

In today’s discussion, she shares insights on:

  • The behavioral differences between wolves and coyotes, shedding light on their unique adaptations and survival strategies
  • Non-intrusive methods for studying coyotes
  • The intriguing behaviors of urban coyotes, including their efforts to avoid human contact, their dietary habits in city environments, and how they figure out how many other coyotes are living in a given area
  • Her upcoming research goals centered on understanding the movement patterns of urban coyotes across metropolitan areas

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