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In today’s episode, we welcome back Ken McCarthy to explore a compelling and contentious subject: the outlook on and assassination of John F. Kennedy. McCarthy, the author of John F. Kennedy Anti-Imperialist: His Character and Intentions Revealed in Five Speeches and One Telegram, aims to highlight Kennedy’s critical yet often neglected perspective.

Tune in to uncover:

  • The origins of the term “conspiracy theory”
  • The dynamics of large-scale corruption
  • The motivations behind McCarthy’s recent publications
  • An analysis of Kennedy’s views on global politics.

McCarthy has dedicated a significant portion of his life to revealing widespread corruption that often escapes mainstream media attention. Join us as we delve into the truth with one of the nation’s most influential activists, educators, entrepreneurs, and pioneers in the commercialization of the internet.

To learn more, visit Ken McCarthy | Ken McCarthy is an American activist, educator, entrepreneur and Internet commercialization pioneer.

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