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Join Philip Metzger, a seasoned planetary physicist, retired NASA engineer, and director of the Stephen W. Hawking Center, as he takes you on a cosmic journey through the frontiers of space exploration. With over a decade of experience at NASA, including roles in the space shuttle and space station projects, Metzger brings eye-opening insights to the conversation.

Tune in for a space exploration of:

  • Swamp Works, a groundbreaking initiative Metzger co-founded at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Discover the program’s philosophy, capabilities, areas of focus, and ambitious plans for shaping the future of space exploration.
  • The realities of economic activity in space, including what it looks like, the role of AI and robotics, and the potential of space commerce by the end of the century.
  • Who has the authority to set up permanent operations on the moon (and how this might be determined).
  • The technological requirements for a space elevator and the challenges standing in the way.
  • The use of NASA’s James Webb Telescope to observe the Kuiper Belt, the region beyond Neptune.

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