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What happens when you bring science and spiritual faith together? The two can often contradict each other – but what happens when they coincide? In this episode, we discuss all things paleontology and creationism with Dr. Marcus R. Ross, an Associate Professor of Geology and Assistant Director of the Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University.

Dr. Ross is a young earth creationist and vertebrate paleontologist with a passion for science education. Given the lack of educational materials from this school of thought, he is committed to helping students better understand our world from a biblical young-Earth perspective. 

In addition to his work as a professor, he is also the CEO of Cornerstone Educational Supply, a company that designs, selects, and assembles quality science materials to fit specific educational needs…

Join us now to explore:

  • What mosasaurs are, and what makes them so historically interesting. 
  • What fossils can reveal about the Biblical flood. 
  • How Dr. Ross’s spirituality and scientific beliefs coincide with each other.
  • What an unconformity is in geology. 

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