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Why can trauma be so debilitating? Through a lack of understanding of the reality around us, healing can be hard to come by.

Listen in to learn:

  • How Dr. Allender came into his field of work
  • How to engage with people who have suffered abuse 
  • How Dr. Allender’s system works

Dr. Dan Allender, the founder of the Allender Center, shares his method for assisting folks who have been the victims of abuse and trauma. 

It can be challenging to help those who have suffered trauma or abuse without understanding their reality despite good intentions. However, learning to do so is critical since the pain from these misfortunes can be so debilitating. 

Much of the work in trauma therapy is recognizing the context surrounding the situation. This is because trauma never occurs in a vacuum, and Dr. Allender’s revolutionary technique can significantly assist with this.

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