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Dimension, sphere, field … Whatever you want to call it, could there be something beyond this physical world we’re accustomed to?

And if so, could it be the place that our personalities, memories, and energies go after physical death?

Tune in to explore these questions and discover:

  • About what percentage of people who claim to speak to the dead actually have that ability
  • The most common form and method of communication with discarnates and what the experience feels like
  • Whether science will ever “prove” the existence of an afterlife, and the value of anecdotal evidence

Robert Ginsberg is Vice President & Founder of the Forever Family Foundation, contributor to the Netflix docuseries Surviving Death, and author of The Medium Explosion: A Guide to Navigating the World of Those Who Claim to Communicate with the Dead.

Twenty years ago, he was a logical, left-brain thinker who adhered to a merely materialistic view of how the world works. But a series of events – followed by his reading thousands of books and talking to countless doctors, scientists, and laymen on the topic of an afterlife – completely changed his beliefs, which primarily rest on the idea that the mind acts independently of the physical brain.

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